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Where brands and audiences connect

Do you want a deeper connection with a young, socially-minded audience? Do you need help navigating the evolving world of gaming?

If you’re looking to break into the fastest-growing areas of entertainment and social media AFK is the attention marketing agency that connects you with the content creators, streamers and podcasts your audience trusts.

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Attention Marketing

What we 
do for you

  • Manage your campaigns

    18-35s are no longer a hard sell. Our creator-led marketing campaigns help you reach and influence your target audiences across different media channels, boosting your brand loyalty and building trust.

  • Strategise

    Your ambitious growth plans need direction. Tap into our know-how to find your place within the largest entertainment medium and set up home there. Your audience is waiting for you.

  • Level up your brand marketing

    Meaningful partnerships and creative collaborations with AFK’s network of professional content creators amplify your messages, create a buzz, and drive brand awareness.

  • Media buying across all platforms

    Your brand ambitions don’t have limits, so why would your marketing plans? With AFK, your marketing and growth campaigns will get you seen across multiple channels. We’ll build the media buying strategy which works best for your brand, incorporating the influencers and platforms that best capture your audience’s attention and imagination such as podcasts, Twitch, TikTok, YouTube and beyond.


Engage your audience.
Discover new platforms.
Drive your business.

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